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Vacallo - Welcome to the charming Residenza Tre Noci, which transforms the heart of Vacallo into a dream destination for those seeking residential perfection. Here, in Via Poeta Francesco Chiesa, three similar buildings embrace the essence of contemporary living, offering eleven luxurious condominiums per floor (PPP) each, subdivided as follows

L5: cellars/storage rooms, technical room and communal laundry room
L4: flat #10 of 1 bedroom + flat #11 with 2 bedrooms
L3: flat #8 of 1 bedroom + flat #9 with 3 bedrooms
L2: flat #6 and #7 of 2 bedrooms
L1: flat #3, #4 and #5 of 1 bedroom
GF: flat #1 of 1 bedroom + flat #2 of 2 bedrooms
CL: communal garage

Prices (incl. 1 covered parking space) from: CHF 291'500 to CHF 671'000.

In this case we propose the following flats:
1 bedroom flat #10 on the fourth floor of 52,7 m2 at a price of CHF 313'500.- incl. 1 covered parking space;
2 bedroom flat #11 on the fourth floor of 109,4 m2 at a price of CHF CHF 643'500.-incl. 1 covered parking space.

Further details can also be found directly on the "Residenza Tre Noci" website:

Every detail has been carefully considered, from the interior finishes to the exterior architecture, to create an unparalleled comfortable environment.

This residence represents the perfect combination of innovative design and quality construction. In addition to the basement, which houses a large communal garage, the buildings rise five storeys above ground, providing space and privacy for each resident. From the foundations to the roof, nothing is left to chance. The structural works, carried out with top quality materials and to the highest standards, guarantee a safe and durable residence.

Every corner of the flats has been designed for comfort and functionality, with modern kitchens and elegant bathroom furnishings.

From the security doors to the innovative heating system, every aspect of your daily life has been taken into consideration. Each building is equipped with a modern lift, ensuring easy access to all floors.

This is not just a real estate purchase, but an investment in your well-being and happiness. Join this exclusive property and live a serene and refined life in the Residenza Tre Noci in Vacallo.

Any changes to the flats proposed by the client - provided they do not affect the facades, the supporting structure, the possible installation of fireplaces or stoves, the position of the kitchen and bathrooms - may be quantified and offered as a supplement at the expense of the purchaser.

For further information or for an inspection, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Poeta Francesco Chiesa 17, Vacallo (TI)

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