The real estate market constantly changes as well as the laws and regulations that condition it. Our company is in continuous development: we grow daily, adapting and informing continuously to be always up to date and able to offer to our customers the most qualitative service possible.

Property Finder

Thanks to our network of trusted collaborations we are able to search the object according to the numerous personal criteria that distinguish every single real estate purchase. Whether it is the architectural typology, the comfort of the "location", the urban criteria, the functional and aesthetic aspects, the tax advantages or other added values linked to a property, there is nothing better than a deep knowledge and proximity of the territory to aim effectively and efficiently to the desired result.

In addition to being specialized in the real estate market of Ticino we are able to offer the same services in other countries as Italy (north), Spain (Costa del Sol), France (Côte d'azur) and America (New York). This thanks to a selected network of international collaborations and partnerships able to meet the most ambitious requirements.

Our "Property Finder-Service" acts on the following fronts:

  • Detailed search of the property according to the main criteria (also emotional and empathic) formulated by our customer;
  • Upstream coordination between different agencies and professionals active in the target area;
  • Qualification and selection of real estate offers, avoiding wasteful and unnecessary visits;
  • Organisation of visits to the property on the most convenient time schedule for the customer;
  • Direct management of the relationship with other professionals;
  • We maintain contact with our customers, updating them with relevant information and advice until the desired result has been reached;
  • We accompain and support the client in all phases, from the research up to the notarial deed of sale in all the technical, legal and fiscal aspects;
  • We create and manage the negotiation with the care and diligence representing our clients with the utmost confidentiality and reliability that is imposed;

Our service is realized with the conclusion of the purchase and ends with the signature of the final act of sale in front of the notary.

If you want to have more information about our services and you would like to know exactly how we proceed, do not hesitate to contact us without any obligation. Together we will find the right solution to your real estate desire.

Real Estate Advisor

Our long experience in real estate has allowed us to cultivate and treat a vast amount of fundamental human relationships to act with success as mediator. Thanks to our collaborations and partnerships we have the opportunity to reach more easily the target audience in order to sell successfully a property. We strongly believe, that we can assist you in selling your property respecting your requirements. Considering the continuous fluctuation and evolution of the real estate market we always aim to sell the properties at the best marketprice obtainable, within the shortest time frame possible. We struggle daily to promote every single property as if it were our own, combining effective marketing with a vast network of human ressources to quickly reach the expected result.

"your search our target"

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